Hui Gaeb Charter & Tours

Hui Gaeb Charter & Tours

Hui ! Gaeb – “where the clouds gather”, is first name ever given to Cape Town.

Hui !Gaeb Charter and Tours specializes in tours and charter services in the Western Cape. Bruce and his wife Allison are most noteworthy owners of //Hui !Gaeb. The couple have been on many travels together.

Little did they know that a trip to Kagga Kamma in the Cedarberg Mountains with friends would inspire them and result in the beginning of their new venture to share their memorable experiences with others.

Our Promise

Hui !Gaeb’s promise to travelers is to make you feel comfortable and secure. Above all, our promise is to ensure that you are in good hands while you are away from home. We promise that you enjoy your stay in the beautiful South Africa.

Our Passion

Our passion is to share the local knowledge. Above all, create memorable experiences with travelers around the world. We connect with travelers looking to explore and create unforgettable memories of South Africa


Telephone:021 557 3453
Mobile: 079 504 6458
Address:Table view, Cape Town