Willow Creek Olive Estate

Willow Creek Olive Estate

Willow Creek Olive Estate lies in the beautiful Nuy Valley between Worcester and Robertsonin the Western Cape.   Beneath Rabie Mountain, which forms part of the Langeberg Mountain range, the trees thrive in deep lime rich soil while a climate of extremes improves flavour profiles.

AndriesRabie realised that this terroir, where his forefathers farmed since the late seventeen hundreds, is perfectly suited for the cultivation of olives.  The first olive trees were planted in 1999 and in 2002 the first extra virgin olive oil was extracted with an Oliomio with a capacity of 50kg/hour.

Since then235Ha have been planted where the Mediterranean climate, access to irrigation water and the correct tending of the groves delivers flavourful fruit for the production of the estate’s award-winning olive oil.  Willow Creek upgraded on their oil extraction equipment 3 times in order to manage the growing production and in 2016 saw the addition of the Protoreattore to their state of the art Pieralisi Leopard 8 which shortens the malaxation time and exposure to oxygen in order to maintain optimum levels of polyphenols.

A Colossus harvester is utilised to ensure that the olives are harvested at their optimum ripeness stage and to feed the capacity of the extractor.

This award-winning estate takes pride in the quality of their products.  They are a member of EVA – the international Extra Virgin Alliance and the South African Olive Association, which holds its members accountable for their integrity and the quality of their extra virgin olive oil.

Willow Creek produces all three styles of extra virgin olive oil, namely, the delicate Nuy Valley, the medium Estate Blend and the intense Directors’ Reserve from a wide range of cultivars in order to provide the perfect product for every application and also to satisfy every palate preference.

Let your taste buds lead you, but we suggest you try the delicate Nuy Valley as a healthy alternative for products with trans fatty acids, saturated fats and refined oils in everyday cooking and baking, for preparing fish and for making homemade mayonnaise.  Use the medium Estate Blend for grilling fresh tuna, oven roasting chicken and vegetables, and with salad and fresh bread.  Enjoy the intense Directors’ Reserve as a marinade and basting for grilled steak, swirled into hot soup, and with strongly flavoured dishes and ingredients such as onions, chillies, anchovies and matured cheese.

Everyone participating in the yearly cycle of tending the groves and extracting the oil takes pride in the end product: extra virgin olive oil, which captures the goodness of the Nuy Valley!

This is depicted by the logo, which symbolizes a willow tree as well as an olive tree, while the curved lines under the tree represent both the creek and the oil flowing from the olive tree.


Telephone:023 342 5793


Address: Nuy Road, Worcester, 6851
GPS:33°39’59.31”S 19°37’34.79”E