The Wonders Of Worcester

Welcome to our glorious town of  Worcester, nestled in a golden valley with a selection of hidden gems, for the whole family to discover.

Worcester Tourism Association, the official marketing body of Worcester, promotes members’ interests, including a variety of luxury, affordable accommodation, fine cuisine, adventurous outdoor activities and business opportunities.

Experience the Big 5… Explore the 154ha display of fauna and flora from the arid winter rainfall regions of Southern Africa in the Karoo Desert National Botanical Gardens (accessible to the physically challenged) or feel a touch of history at Worcester Museum – the only living display museum, depicting early agricultural practices between the early 1800’s and mid -1940’s.

All year round activities show visitors how the pioneers used to live. A magical ambiance awaits the fine art lover at The Hugo Naudé House and Jean Weltz Art Gallery.

ENJOY THE BEST… at the 12 cellars and Willow Creek Olive estates on the Worcester Wine & Olive Route.

We are renowned for our bottomless cup of hospitality ,
all year round – come and experience it!



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Guided Tours

The Karoo Desert National Botanical Garden


Guided tours must be booked in advance for a minimum of seven people to avoid disappointment.

Tel: 023 347 0785 | Email:

Open Daily from 07h00 – 18h00

Office Hours: Mon – Fri 07h30-13h00, 14h00 – 16h30

The Karoo Desert National Botanical Garden is a truly unique garden. It cultivates and displays a

wide variety of desert and semi-desert plants.

The most popular time to visit the Garden is during spring, when the annuals and vygies (mesembs)

are in flower. The best time to see the spring flowers is from late July till late September.

Good to know / hints:

  • Phone before visiting the Garden to find out what is flowering.
  • Take the weather into consideration.
  • Take note that our Garden has a no bins policy and that all visitors must take their litter back with them.
  • Remember your hat, water and hiking shoes.
  • Bring a camera and field guide books.

The Kokerboom Restaurant situated in the Karoo Garden is available for refreshments and light meals.


Worcester Museum – Kleinplasie Living Open-Air Museum:


Guided Tours Available on request, contact Tel: +27 (0) 23 342 2225 /6

To avoid disappointment, it is advisable to phone ahead to confirm which activities / demonstrations are available.

Owing to its situation in the Breede River Valley the Worcester Museum is a cultural history museum with a strong focus on agriculture. The collections emphasize the Cape colonial history with agricultural implements, wagons, furniture, glass, ceramics, textiles and metal. The grounds have been developed with structures forming a traditional Cape farm yard. Live demonstrations depict activities of a bygone era such as the baking of bread in an outdoor brick oven and the forging of metal by a blacksmith. The museum has a well developed educational function offering an annual program with the focus on traditional farm and household traditions such as the tramping grapes for wine making, shearing sheep, milking cows and candle making.


Monday to Friday: Rolling tobacco, bread baking, soap making, candle making, coffee making, metal work and donkey cart rides

Saturdays: Bread baking

Seasonal Activities: Grape harvesting, Distillation, Farm animals, Sheep shearing, Dairy, Veld plants

Other Old railway exhibition hall with an industrial agricultural theme. Museum Shop where home-made products such as jams, preserves and soap are sold. Tea Room

Tel: 023 342 2225 | Email: |


Worcester Wine and Olive Route


Guided Tours: Contact us for information.

Cell: 084 245 3922 | Email: |

The Worcester Wine & Olive Route is a wonderful experience in a friendly, charming world full of authentic hum-our and people who like smiling, and where the wines is excellent and a real delight.

Discover the Worcester wine and olive treasures. Come and visit us in the beautiful Breederiver Valley and be sure Worcester Wine and Olive Route will be a find that will pleasantly surprise you.

Worcester Wine and Olive Route offers wine for the connoisseur, the collector, and the person who enjoys every sip of it.  Cellars on the Route offer the best muscadel, wooded Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay and red wine blends. Then there are those wines where you open the bottle with a big smile, because the price is fantastic and the wine even better.

The cellars’ restaurants and bistro’s on the route are famous for their excellent wine and food pairing, olive tasting, charcuterie and cheese platters. This Route certainly offers a culinary experience not to be missed.

The Worcester Wine and Olive Route offers a kaleidoscope of delightful taste experiences at 12 wine cellars, while Willow Creek Olive Estate offers an olive experience comparable to the best in the world.

Innovation for the Blind

Guided Tours: Contact Ledivia on Tel: 023 347 2745 | Email:|

Our mission is to empower persons who are blind, partially sighted,or deaf blind, including visually impaired persons with

additional disabilities by means of education, training, development,

employment, accommodation and care towards a fulfilled life.

Here are several attractions like the unique tactile fossil trail and geological exhibition, specially developed for blind people and the Blindiana Museum and Barista, where the past 130 years of caring for the blind in Worcester comes to life in the exhibitions, combined with our very own coffee shop. (Open weekdays from 08h00 – 16h30)

Coffee Shop | Blind Experience | Blindiana Blend Coffee | Tactile Fossil Trail | Blind Barista


National Institute for the Deaf

Founded 137 years ago, the National Institute for the Deaf is a Non-Profit and a registered Public Benefit Organization, delivering and offering a diverse range of   Deaf-accessible,quality   services   to   the   Deaf community and general   public.

The only Facility in RSA with a wide range of services.

These enterprises have multiple purposes. They are utilized as training facilities for the Deaf, offer employment to unemployed Deaf and generate valuable income to sustain the programmers’ and interventions offered by NID.

When you buy our products, or make use of our services, you empower the Deaf and persons with hearing loss!

NID Nursery is a peaceful paradise with a wide variety of well-priced plants, pots and gardening accessories. It is the perfect supplier for your gardening needs – whether you are a landscaping aficionado, an avid gardener or just starting to try out your green thumbs. The Tea Garden offers delicious light meals in a tranquil setting.

Tea Garden   Nursery | Salon | Joinery Woodwork Upholstery | Accommodation | Building Blocks | Laundry

Tel: 023 342 5555 | Email: |

Heritage Walking Route

The Worcester Heritage walking route takes you on a journey through the center of  Worcester where you  will experience the rich architectural history of buildings such as The Drostdy, the Dutch Reformed Mother Church and Beck House. Altogether 18 sites can be viewed and a must to visit is the Garden of remembrance in Church Square.

Make sure you have comfortable walking shoes.

Remember to take into consideration the season as our summer mid-day temperatures can be well above 35◦C.

Along the route there are also two coffee shops  -Blindiana Barista and Tea Cup – where you can enjoy a light meal.

For more information contact our Tourism Office on 023 342 6244 or 076 200 8742

Pioneer Printers

Pioneer Printers is a literature production house that provides learning, reading and teaching support material in braille, audio and large print formats to blind and partially sighted persons in South Africa and neighboring countries. One of the greatest barriers visually impaired people are faced with is gaining direct access to everyday reading matter/written text. At Pioneer Printers we specialize in reproducing school textbooks and examination papers of any learning area in braille, audio, large print and tactile graphics.

Pioneer Printers also had a world first in producing a braille atlas in tactile, audio and large print format in 2007, in conjunction with National Geo-spatial Information (NGI), a component of Department of Rural Development and Land Reform (DRDLR).

The only government subsidy that Pioneer Printers receives from Western Cape Education Department is in the form of salaries for almost 50% (20) permanent staff members. In 2011 Pioneer Printers became a non-profit organisation generating its own funds and working in close relation with Pioneer School and Kaleidoscope SA (Institute for the Blind).

Come and see the various production stages of all Pioneer Printer’s divisions.

The writers and graphic department will explain on how to write a Braille book. The next stage is for the Braille book is to go to the proofreaders to check if everything is in order, the Braille book will go to the printing machines to be printed and binded. A Braille book will take 2 months to complete.

Tourists can also visit the audio department where the readers and sound operators take recordings for editing, duplication and transmission.

Office Hours Mon-Friday 7:30 – 4:30. Please book a day in advance.

Contact us for more information.

Tel: 023 342 6313 / Email: /



In the dawn of time, geologists tell us, a subterranean force split obliquely a mountain mass, creating the valley now known as the largest geological fault in Southern Africa. The passage of time has given to this “fault” the name, Breede River Valley, and the bastions which guard it, the Hex River and Drakenstein Mountains. To locate this fair valley, unfold a map and let your eyes rest on the historic Cape.

Then, setting off for the hinterland, follow the highway (N1). Pass through the green coastal belt with its patterned vineyards and orchards, until a natural opening in the great mountain barrier gives access to your goal. It is here that you will find Worcester. Please browse the site and if you need any information please contact us to help us to assist you in any way possible.